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Information about the history of creation, the current activity and the plans for the perspective development of the Company.

Insurance Joint Stock Company “LEXGARANT” was founded on March 2, 1993 (Certificate of Registration of the Moscow Government Registration Chamber No. 022.628 dated March 2, 1993).

1993: LEXGARANT obtains its first license for operations in property insurance, liability insurance and personal insurance.

1993: The Company issues its first aircraft hull & air carrier liability insurance policy in respect of leased aircraft of Western manufacture.

1995: LEXGARANT joins the Independent Aviation Accident Investigators Society (ORAP).

1996: LEXGARANT becomes one of the founders and active members of the Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAAKS).

2001: The Company is licensed for voluntary health insurance operations.

2002: The Company introduces amendments to its Corporate Charter recording an increase of its charter capital.

2002: LEXGARANT obtains licenses for product liability insurance operations and third party liability insurance operations.

2004: The Company is registered under the law of the Russian Federation (Certificate of entry in the Single State Register of Legal Entities No. 1037739019911 dated May 31, 2004).

2006: The Company receives new licenses pursuant to the current law:  a license for insurance operations S-No 034877 and a license for reinsurance operations P No 034877.

2007: LEXGARANT Insurance Company joins the International Union of Aviation Insurers (IUAI).

2007: The Company obtains licenses for contractual liability insurance operations.

2007: Standard & Poor’s international rating agency assigns LEXGARANT Insurance Company a long-term counterparty credit rating, a “В” financial stability rating and a “ruA-” national scale rating with a stable outlook, which are further confirmed in 2010.

2011: The Company moves to a self-owned office building.

2011: The increase in the authorized capital of the Company to 500 million rubles.

2012: Standard & Poor’s international rating agency raises the Company's long-term counterparty credit rating and financial stability rating levels to “В+” and the national scale rating to “ruA”, with stable outlook.

2015: The increase in the authorized capital of the Company to 600 million rubles.

2016: The Company obtains Licenses of the Bank of Russia for the implementation of:

  • Voluntary personal insurance - СЛ № 0348 (unlimited);
  • Voluntary property insurance - СИ № 0348 (unlimited);
  • Reinsurance - ПС № 0348 (unlimited).

2016: "LEXGARANT" assigned the first level in the tender procurement system of the UN.

2017: “LEXGARANT” automated policy sale processes on SBM platform.

2018: LEXGARANT” celebrates 25 years since its foundation.

2018: On June 01, 2018 international agency   S&P Global Ratings confirmed financial strength rating of LEXGARANT Insurance Company Ltd. on the level «В+», «Stable» outlook.

2018: LEXGARANT insured the cancellation or transfer of the World Cup 2018 outside Russia.

Today LEXGARANT Insurance Company is a universal insurance company with a recognized business reputation, offers its customers more than 60 types of various insurance products and insurance programs at the level of world standards.

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