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This is a snapshot of Lexgarant’s history, its current position and its plans going forward.

March 2, 1993 – the incorporation of Lexgarant Insurance Company, registration in Moscow. (Certificate of registration in the Registration Chamber of the Moscow Government No. 022.628 dated March 2, 1993).

1993 – “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company obtains its licence for property, liability and personal lines insurance.

1993 – “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company issues the first aviation hull and liability insurance in Russia for western built aircraft.

1995 – “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company becomes a member of the Society of Independent Investigators of Aviation Accidents (ORAP).

1996 – “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company becomes one of the founders and an active member of the Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAAKS).

2001 – “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company obtains its licence to provide voluntary medical insurance.

2002 – Increase of the Authorised share capital.

2002 – Licence to carry out civil liability insurance for damage caused by defects in goods, works, services, for causing harm to third parties.

2004 – Re-registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Entry No. 1037739019911 dated May 31, 2004, required by the new legislation introduced in Russia the same year.

2006 - New licences for insurance С (S) № 034877 and reinsurance П (P) № 034877 granted, in line with the legislation introduced in 2004.

2007 – “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company joins the International Union of Aviation Insurers (IUAI).

2007 - Licences to carry out civil liability insurance for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of contractual obligations.

2007 - Standard & Poor’s assigns “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company a long-term credit rating of “B”, “ruA-” rating on the national scale, the forecast is “Stable”

2010 - Standard & Poor’s confirms its ratings of LEXGARANT.

2011 - Move to LEXGARANT’s current office building in the heart of Moscow, designed by and for “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company.

2011 - Increase in the authorised share capital of the company to 500 million rubles.

2012 - Standard & Poor’s raises the long-term credit rating and the financial strength rating to B+, ruA on the national scale, the forecast is “Stable”.

2015 - Increase in the authorised share capital of the company to 600 million rubles.

2016 – Regulatory oversight of the company transferred to the Central Bank of Russia, in line with new legislation introduced. Licences granted by the Central Bank of Russia to provide the following types of insurance:

Voluntary personal insurance – СЛ, SL No. 0348 (unlimited);

Voluntary property insurance – СИ, SI No. 0348 (unlimited);

Reinsurance – ПС, PS No 0348 (unlimited).

2016 - “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company registers with the United Nations procurement programme and is approved by the United Nations Procurement Division as Level 1 vendor.

2017 - “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company’s products can now be purchased online via the SBM platform.

2018 - “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company celebrates its 25th anniversary.

2018 – Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings confirms the financial strength rating of “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company at B +, with a Stable outlook.

2018 - “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company insures the risk of cancellation or postponement of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Today “LEXGARANT” Insurance Company is a world class insurance company providing more than 60 different insurance products for commercial and private clients.

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