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LEXGARANT Insurance Company

Registered address: 101000, Moscow, Maly Zlatoustinsky lane, 10/2

Trading address: 101000, Moscow, Maly Zlatoustinsky lane, 10/2

Founded in March 1993.

Registration number in the Unified State Register of Companies engaged in insurance activities - 0348.

Authorised to conduct insurance and reinsurance activities by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Licence numbers

Medical and Personal Accident insurance

SL (СЛ) No. 0348 (unlimited)

All types of insurance except for life, medical and personal accident

SI (СИ) No. 0348 (unlimited)


PS (ПС) No. 0348 (unlimited)


Since its foundation, LEXGARANT Insurance Company has been a leader in aviation insurance among Russian insurers. Our company was one of the first insurance companies in the Russian insurance market to provide hull and liability cover to Russian airlines operating western-built aircraft.

Today, LEXGARANT Insurance Company provides insurance cover across many lines of business whilst maintaining its focus on aviation risks. LEXGARANT Insurance Company always strives to meet its obligations where they fall due which is reflected in Lexgarant’s reputation as a reliable insurer and confirmed by Standard and Poor’s rating agency, which has awarded Lexgarant a long-term counterparty credit and financial strength rating of "BB-", with the outlook being rated as “Stable”.

The reliability of insurance and reinsurance coverage is bolstered by the fact that LEXGARANT Insurance Company has in place automatic reinsurance facilities with the largest international and local reinsurance companies and pools, such as Swiss Re, Partner Re, Lloyd's syndicates, Hannover Re, etc.

LEXGARANT Insurance Company can offer its clients the following types of cover (20 types of insurance):

Personal accident and sickness insurance;
Medical insurance;
Insurance of land vehicles (except for railway vehicles);
Rolling stock insurance;
Aviation insurance:

Aircraft hull and liability (including third party); airline insurance (hull and liability (including third party) for airlines, from large scale fleets to small regional operators); parts and raw materials, war, terrorism and political risk.

Legal liability of aerospace companies, manufacturers, service companies, refueling companies, both legal liability and products liability.
Marine insurance: Shipowners and Operators: Marine Hull and Machinery, Marine Liabilities, P & I;
Agriculture and farming insurance (limited to livestock and crops and plants);
Commercial Property insurance (excluding vehicles; movable and immovable property used in agriculture and farming);
Personal property insurance, with the exception of vehicles;
Third party liability insurance for vehicle owners;
Railway liability insurance;
Liability insurance of hazardous facilities owners and operators;
Civil liability insurance for damage caused by defects in goods, works, services;
Third party liability insurance;
Civil liability insurance for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of contractual obligations;
Business risk insurance;
Financial risk insurance.


“LEXGARANT” Insurance Company is a member of many professional and industry associations, such as: the All-Russian Union of Insurers (VSS), the Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAACS) (July 1996 - March 2022), the International Union of Aviation Insurers (IUAI), the Society of Independent Investigators of Aviation Accidents (ORAP), Moscow Association of Travel Agents (MATA).

Central to our client care are:

  • - Individual approach to risk assessment;
  • - Reliable insurance coverage at optimal rates;
  • - Outstanding expertise of the company's employees;
  • - Reliable performance of assumed obligations;
  • - Provision of services of the highest standard.

Insurance policies and certificates issued by LEXGARANT Insurance Company are recognized worldwide. The entire package of insurance documents can be provided in Russian, English and other languages.

Our clients and counterparties know us as a trustworthy and a reliable partner.

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