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Health is the basis of your happiness and well-being! Illness knocks out the stable rhythm of life, reduces efficiency, color mood gray tones — everyone knows how it is. In public health institutions, eternal queues and low quality of services, and private clinics can cause a serious blow to your pocket, whether you need primary medical examination or comprehensive treatment.

There is a solution! Insurance company "LEXGARANT" offers a policy of voluntary medical insurance:


Voluntary medical insurance (VMI)

The voluntary medical insurance extends a standard list of services included in compulsory health insurance, and therefore gives you more opportunities to preserve health or have a speedy recovery. Health insurance gives you access to the best medical institutions, comfortable stay in hospital and highly qualified specialists.

The VMI contract is the most advantageous variant of the organization of high-quality and prompt medical care for the company's employees. At the same time, the company not only motivates its employees, but also saves on tax benefits provided by the legislation.

VMI - is a great way to take care of the employees and increase their productivity.



Voluntary medical insurance for foreign citizens (VMI)

Medical policy is required for all foreign citizens entering the territory of the Russian Federation, regardless of the purpose and duration of the trip. This insurance product is based on a comprehensive analysis of the needs in the field of VMI of different categories of foreigners: adults, children, young and students. All insurance programs include provision of primary health care and specialized medical care in the emergency form.

The policies issued by our insurance company fully comply with the requirements of the legislation and regulatory authorities.



Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance provides for the existence of insurance risks, which can be conditionally classified into four groups: bodily injury (injury), temporary disability (payment of a sick leave sheet for up to 20 days), disability, death.

In one policy you can include all family members. The policy is valid for 24 hours throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The duration of the insurance contract can be different - from 1 month to 1 year. Adults and kids, professionals and amateurs are offered an extension of insurance coverage for the duration of their sporting activities. The cost of the policy depends on the set of risks, the amount of the insurance coverage, the age of the Insured person.

Simplified procedure of registration of the Accident Insurance Policy on-line with the sending of documentation to the e-mail of the Insured is available both for citizens of the Russian Federation and for foreign citizens.


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