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Comprehensive mortgage insurance

Comprehensive mortgage insurance, provided by LEXGARANT will help You to fulfill Your obligations, should your ability to repay deteriorate due to any these reasons:

  • unexpected costs of repair or renovation of the mortgaged property, which was damaged or destroyed by fire, explosion, flooding, powers of nature, crime, defects, mechanical damage, accidents, anthropogenic disasters or contamination;
  • death or incapacitation of the borrower
  • loss of title for the mortgaged property
  • third party liability of the owner of a house or apartment
  • reduction or complete loss of the owner’s income due to any reason

You may choose to insure Your property as well as Your title for it, stating the market value of the property as sum insured. As this might be more than the total sum of your liability in front of the bank, the indemnification, paid by LEXGARANT will help You to repay the loan, as well as compensate your own expenses, related to the purchase of the property.

Comprehensive mortgage insurance program includes:

  • home insurance
  • borrower’s life insurance
  • title insurance
  • home owner’s liability insurance
  • mortgage insurance

We are ready to offer you any combination of the types of insurance, listed in the Comprehensive mortgage insurance program.

Type of insurance Annual tariff rate (% of sum insured)
Home insurance 0,10 (0,15*) 
Borrower’s life insurance 0,40
Title insurance 0,15
Home owner’s liability 0,20
Mortgage insurance 0,10

* including house equipment and interior

The tariff rates mentioned above are for information purposes only and might be either increased or decreased, depending on the value at risk or the lender’s requirements.

The process of insurance:

Taking out a comprehensive mortgage insurance policy at LEXGARANT is easy, quick and helps You to save money.

  • To buy a home insurance, homeowners liability insurance or mortgage insurance policy, simply fill in the relative application form and send it to us
  • To acquire a life insurance policy, normally you would only have to fill in the application form, answering the question, regarding Your health. Additional medical examination might be needed only if the sum insured exceeds 5.000.000 rubles (or equivalent).
  • To take out a title insurance policy You would need to provide us with the copies of the documents, confirming your rights for the property. Once these documents are carefully examined, we will inform You of our decision

In accordance with our Terms of Insurance we commit ourselves to pay indemnification within 15 working after receiving all of the documents necessary for such transaction.


  • Expertise;
  • Special attention to every client;
  • Consultancy services provided upon the signing of the contract;
  • Minimum documents required, which means quick process;
  • Flexible payment terms;
  • Efficient contract support.


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