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Insurance for the services sector

LEXGARANT Insurance Company has developed the following insurance products for suppliers/sellers of goods to end users or consumers:

1. Liability insurance for tour operators and travel agents

2. Product liability insurance

3. Travel insurance

4. Property insurance

5. Vehicle insurance

6. Group life insurance plans and group private medical plans

Liability insurance for tour operators and travel agents

Losses may be caused to other parties in the process of carrying out financial and economic activities.

Under Russian law an entity or a person which/who has caused bodily injury to a person or harm to his/her property is obliged to compensate the victim for the injury or harm caused. The amount of compensation may turn out to be quite substantial and may adversely affect the financial stability of the paying party. One of the best ways of protecting the paying party in these circumstances is civil liability insurance. Since 2008, the Federal Law "On tourism in the Russian Federation" No. 132-FZ (Part 8, Article 17.6) has made it compulsory for tour operators/ travel agents to insure their professional liability.

The tour operator, in the manner established by the legislation, at its own expense must insure the risk of liability that may arise as a result of non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment of its obligations under the agreement for the sale of a tourist product. The terms and conditions of these insurance policies are prescribed by law and do not wary from one insurance company to another. This liability insurance has become a threshold condition for the inclusion of the tour operator into the Unified State Register of Tour Operators.

The purpose of civil liability insurance of the tour operator is to ensure that the tourist is reimbursed in the event of non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment by the tour operator of his contractual and professional obligations.

The insurance limits which can be provided by Lexgarant Insurance Company range from 0,5 million RUR  to 100 mln RUR. The limits which a tour operator needs to purchase depend on the type of travel products offered by the tour operator and the annual turnover of the same. (Federal law No 132-FZ, June 28, 2009.)

Liability insurance for goods manufactured or sold; liability for services rendered:

Product Liability Insurance

Consumers and other end parties who have suffered damage from the use of products (goods, works and services) increasingly choose to sue the manufacturers (producers), providers, sellers and suppliers of these products.

Product Liability Insurance can help protect the manufacturers and other parties responsible for the design of the product in the event of litigation and can help safeguard the reputation of the company.

Manufacturers, sellers and distributors of goods, providers of services, licensed for their activities (requiring a license, patent, certificate of conformity and other documents) can be the Policyholders in these types of policies.

These entities are required by law (e.g. the Federal law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of the Rights of Consumers") to provide goods and/or services which are as described in the advertisement, of satisfactory quality and fit for a particular purpose. These entities must provide compensation to consumers and end parties, for harm to their health, life and financial interests caused by goods and/or services which do not meet the criteria set out above. This liability for harm caused can be insured by Lexgarant Insurance Company.

Risks accepted for insurance

Insured's liability for harm to the life, health or property of injured persons for goods sold or manufactured; for services rendered by the insured.

An insured event is the legal liability of the Insured for causing harm to the life and health (death, injury,  disability, physical suffering) of the product’s end users and/or for causing damage to users’ property due to goods and/or services provided being not as described, not of satisfactory quality and/or not fit for purpose.

Travel Insurance

Travel for business or pleasure has become the norm for most people. Lexgarant can offer insurance for those going on a foreign trip for the purposes of leisure or business and for those travelling within the Russian Federation. Having travel insurance in place means assistance can be sought quickly and whenever necessary, thus saving you time and money.

The quality of cover provided by your travel insurance depends on several key factors, including the scope of cover provided and most importantly the reliability of the Service company with which the insurer has a contractual arrangement to offer assistance in the event of an emergency.

Lexgarant’s partner service company is “CLASS-Assist”. This service company has many years of experience and an impeccable reputation in the market. The correspondent network of "CLASS-Assist" covers all countries of the world and consists of more than 70,000 providers worldwide. The company's call-centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and consists of highly qualified Russian-speaking doctors and coordinators who speak many foreign languages.

Lexgrant Insurance Company is well known in the market for:

  • - Provision of a comprehensive insurance cover for all risks associated with the traveller travelling outside the place of his/her permanent place of residence;
  • - Partnership with a reliable Service company, e.g. one with a wide network of foreign representative offices; with accreditation in all the major embassies, etc.
  • - Fit for purpose insurance products which cater to the needs of the individual traveller in question, for example, his/her age group, the place of his/her destination, the activity undertaken during the trip, etc.
  • - Competitive insurance rates and discounts (e.g. where multiple products are purchased together);
  • - Guaranteed indemnification in the event of the occurrence of a recognised insured event;
  • - Latest IT solutions to enable an efficient on-line/ remote administration of your policy.


The following can be insured: non-residential premises, structures (including under construction or unfinished), as well as their individual architectural and structural parts and elements (parts of buildings, premises, their interior decoration, elements of engineering infrastructure, etc.); production equipment, electronic equipment, office equipment, finished products (goods in stock), raw materials, etc.

Where the immovable property of the insured is served by the movable property of the insured, and together they serve a common purpose, both the movable and immovable property may be insured under one policy.


The insurance terms and conditions for motor insurance developed by Lexgarant Insurance Company meet all Russian and internationally established practices and standards. Lexgarant has obtained comprehensive reinsurance support for its motor insurance risks and can assure its clients that compensation where due will be paid on time and in full.

Lexgarant can offer:

Vehicle insurance - Hull (Options: "Damage" + "Theft” or "Damage" only);

Insurance of additional equipment (DO) installed in the vehicle;

Voluntary liability insurance of owners (drivers) of motor vehicles (DGO) (extension of OSAGO);

Personal accident insurance for passengers.

For your convenience, we have developed the following insurance programmes:

Programme A - Platinum;

Programme B - Gold;

Programme C - Standard.

You can choose from one of the programmes above or develop an individual plan;

You can choose the methods for compensation: repairs, payment in lieu of repairs, including the fees of the service provider of your choice.

We can also provide an independent surveyor to assess the amount of liability.

Personal insurance consultant:

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Why do you need to insure voluntary civil liability of owners (drivers) of motor vehicles?

No insurance programme suits me. Can I insure my car on a different basis?

What risks does the hull insurance cover?

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