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If you are not satisfied with the level of service in the system of free medicine, you can purchase a voluntary medical insurance (VMI). With the help this policy, you will be provided with medical care from highly qualified doctors in the best hospitals, as well as support and assistance from specialists of the insurance company.

For legal entities, the VMI policies purchased for their employees are a sign of loyalty and care for employees, a possibility to save time due to the lack of queues and scheduling, as well as - through the use of the capabilities of the insurance company – a real increase in the efficiency of employees.

"LEXGARANT" Insurance Company offers a full complex of services on voluntary medical insurance policy that is in demand in the insurance market at the present time.


(carried out on the basis of the best medical institutions in Moscow)

Advantages of VMI programs:

  • All standard medical services that you may need during the year in one insurance policy
  • Possibility to choose the VMI program and clinic closer to home or work
  • Comprehensive programs for pregnant women
  • Without Compulsory Health Insurance policy (ОМС)
  • For citizens of any country

Outpatient treatment includes:

  • complex treatment when it comes to acute diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases using modern methods of therapy;
  • laboratory research methods;
  • x-ray and ultrasound examinations, including computed tomography;
  • endoscopic examination of the digestive system;
  • physiotherapy, exercise therapy and massage;
  • getting sick lists, recipes;
  • medical home care.

Dental treatment

Dental treatment includes:

  • therapeutic and surgical dental care using modern equipment and high-quality materials;
  • radiodontics;
  • anesthesia.

Consultations and diagnostics at leading Research Institutes

if required "LEXGARANT" will organize the specialized consultations and high-precision diagnostics in the leading medical scientific establishments of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Roszdrav, such as Institute of surgery named after A.V. Vishnevsky; Research Institute of Neurology; Hematology Research Center; Cardiology Research Center; Scientific Center of Surgery; Research Institute of eye diseases; Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics named after Priorov, Moscow Medical Academy named after I. M. Sechenov; Research Institute of neurosurgery named after H. I. Burdenko; Endocrinology research center; Institute of rheumatology; Russian Research Centre of radiology and nuclear medicine Roszdrav, Moscow Oncological Institute named after Herzen and others.

Emergency medical care

Emergency medical assistance includes the travel team emergency equipped ambulances, primary survey of the patient, ECG and other necessary rapid diagnosis; emergency medical operations, emergency transportation to the hospital for urgent reasons.



By purchasing a voluntary medical insurance policy of "LEXGARANT" Insurance Company, You get:

  • Personal Manager Assistance, who solves all organizational and financial issues related to changes in the terms of the Contract (change of insurance programs, the number of Insured persons, etc.), carries out prompt communication with the responsible person of the Policyholder.
  • Round-the-clock Consulting and Dispatching center services for all Insured persons: dispatchers with higher medical education will help in case of a critical situation at any time of the day, promptly resolve problems with a polyclinic or a hospital, will help with hospitalization, organize Advisory assistance in a polyclinic or in a hospital.
  • Supervision by medical experts of medical treatment of the Insured - medical examination, quality control and promptness of the medical treatment provided to the insured.
  • Insurance policies, access badges and other documents are delivered to your office by courier of the insurance company.


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